Preserving ancient Indian heritage in all its manifestations has been the fulcrum of activities of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan since inception in 1938.
             Re-invigorating these ideals, the Bengaluru Kendra has pioneered several programmes that have focussed on leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. Taking it to the common man through varied media such as performing arts, seminars and institutionalized teaching of many branches of Indian knowledge has been the road map chosen by the Bengaluru Kendra to keep alive Indian culture.
             The Kendra has especially focussed on this, its pioneering work in resurrecting rare and fading arts in eleven States across the country and conducting international conferences on Indian scriptures being its landmark contribution in recent years. The visionary outlook and focus on reaching out to youth through all these activities has ensured the participation of youngsters in these programmes.
             Since 2013, the Kendra has been holding mega annual conferences on Indian scriptures of antiquity and world literature-- Veda Samvada (2013), Upanishad  Sandesha (2014), Message of Mahapuranas (2015) and Message of Mahakavyas (2016).
             Over 250 top doctoral scholars from across the country have participated in the seminars, presenting about 300 papers, each one of the topics having a connection and relevance to present times, lending them practical value. Some 25 established scholars were honoured on the occasion.
             As an integral part of disseminating knowledge through these seminars, book exhibitions were held as an adjunct to the main event, with every evening devoted to music, dance and theatre, their themes drawn from the seminar topics. The international conferences were a holistic intellectual, literary, and cultural coming together of the best in the chosen fields, interspersed with the recitation of Vedas all through.
             The Kendra acknowledges that ISKCON, Bengaluru, has given unconditional support, without whose active involvement, the conferences would not have been so successful. This year too, the Bengaluru Bhavan and ISKCON are organizing a five-day seminar, Message of Bhagavatha, from June 14, focussing on topics such as cosmology, geography, genealogy, yoga, legends,  music and dance. 
             The most important outcome and lasting legacy of Bengaluru Bhavan, has been the documentation of all the conferences in both book and digital form, which is of great archival value.

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Highlights :  Lectures  Open House Discussions  Cultural Programmes Exhibition & Sale of Books, CDs/DVDs.

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A unique five day festival from June 14 to 18, 2017

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